Cleaver Knife Blank

Knife Blade Blank

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  • 7 Inches Cleaver Blade Blank
  • Weight (item only): approx. 226g
  • Length of Blade: 17.7cm
  • Materials: VG-10 Damascus Steel
  • Vacuum Heat Treated
  • Private Label Support

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Cleaver Knife Blank

The blank knife is fine weight balance, easy to grip and beautiful seamless knife. The Chinese cleaver excels at chopping up meat, vegetables, and fruit and it will help you to be more effective, creative, and precise in the kitchen.

The tall blade of the Chinese Cleaver allows it to be safely guided with the knuckles of your free hand when 'tap chopping’, ‘push cutting’, or ‘pull cutting’. Therefore, large fruit and vegetables, such as cabbages, can be cut easily and safely. Just as with the Japanese Nakiri, the heel corner of the Cleaver can be used to remove blemishes from fruit and vegetables. If you love cooking Chinese food, you owe it to yourself to try a Chinese Cleaver!


Height 74 mm
Net weight 226 g


Length of knife 30.9 cm
Length of blade 17.7 cm
Handle material Mild Steel
Type of edge Curved edge 

In the world of knives, it is rare to come across the level of versatility and possible improvisations that can compete with the “ciao dao". Although it sounds like the name of a Chinese magician, and a Chinese magician might be a metaphorically appropriate description for this tool, it actually translates to what some of us might be familiar as "the Chinese Cleaver." When we hear the word "cleaver" the first thing that comes to mind is a muscular butcher brutally chopping down on a whole duck, and it might make you think that this kind of knives specialize mainly in cutting with brute force rather than with precision.

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