About Us

Created for the finest kitchen knife for every family.Our uncompromising approach to knifemaking involves years of research into fine materials, metallurgy, manufacturing, and movement in the kitchen.

TURWHO knife is the result of our unremitting commitment to knifemaking.  Combining exquisite materials with groundbreaking design into a knife with unrivaled performance.

Superlative Ingredients

TURWHO unique approach to knifemaking involves long years of perfecting exceptional knives using the finest available materials.

Quality Yangjiang G10 fiberglass handle used as counterweights for perfect balance. And VG-10 super Stainless steel for peerless edge retention and strength.

It took years of research to create TURWHO VG10 (AUS-10V) Damascus Stainless steel. Crafted in over 30 steps, our new blade steel provides phenomenal sharpness and edge retention for professional cooking.

TURWHO Knifeworks is a Yangjiang-based company dedicated to producing exceptional culinary instruments.

We create professional chef's knives of singular beauty and performance by combining ancient knifemaking techniques with the best of modern design, manufacturing and materials science.

TURWHO/拓禾 products take years to develop through rigorous testing and field observation in the kitchen, and with every knife we make we seek to push the envelope of knifemaking in design and performance. Each of our products is carefully made in Yangjiang by our master knifesmiths.

We have been honored with the overwhelming demand for our knives and we have grown our production slowly because we remain committed to uncompromising quality with the craftsmanship and the fine materials we use.

We are deeply grateful to our loyal customers and collectors worldwide for their brilliant and ongoing support for our craft.

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