Sharp Knife VS Dull Knife Why are Sharp Knives Safer than Dull Blades?

Are You Still Cutting With A Dull Knife?

A dull blade is actually more dangerous to use than one that is sharp. Here's why: A dull blade requires more pressure to cut, increasing the chance that the knife will slip with great force behind it. A sharp knife "bites" the surface more readily. 

Sharp Knives Safer than Dull Blades

Dull knife Ruin Your Food

A dull knife crushes and tears rather than slices. It requires more strength, and if it takes real force it may slip dangerously.

A blunt edge doesn’t cut crisp vegetables so much as wedge them apart, it mashes tomatoes or presses out juices from meat.

The solution TURWHO/拓禾, 6-piece Knife Set

The steel is Japanese VG-10 Damascus—highly refined, high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel that takes a razor-sharp edge and holds it longer. With a seamless transition from blade to handle, the knife's fully forged construction provides balance as the traditional triple-rivet handle encourages tireless cutting.


Cheap knives will cost you more in the long run when you factor in replacement costs. If you are looking for a good knife, consider buying one with VG-10. It would be expensive compared to lower end metals like 440 steel but it is well worth it. With VG-10 you get the hardness of a carbon steel but the corrosion resistance of stainless.



Use & Care
- Do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or bones. The blade can chip or break.
- Hand wash with warm water and towel dry.
- Use a sharpening stone to maintain the sharpness of blade.


The Benefits of Sharp Knives

Increase The Performance: A sharp knife always performs better than a dull knife. You can measure each step very effectively to cut your things. If you don’t use a sharp knife, It will also slow you down and cause you extra work.

Santoku Knife



Enjoying The Work: When you are using a dull knife, this never helps you on your work and breaks your concentration as well. So you get late on your work. So you must avoid dull knife and use a sharp knife.

But more than this. Ever noticed that cutting with a dull blade makes herbs or vegetables oxidize more quickly? Delicate ingredients, like herbs, will look fresher for longer if you slice through them cleanly, whereas a dull knife will crush more of the cells surrounding the cut, which ultimately accelerates wilting and discoloration.

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