4-Piece Prep Knife Set

Damascus Knife Sets

  • 4-Piece Set Includes:

    1.  8.2-inch Gyuto Knife

    2.  7-inch Santoku Knife

    3.  8-inch Bread Knife

    4.  6-inch Utility Knife

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Category: DE/德 Series, VG-10 Steel



4-Piece Prep Knife Set

Thin edge of Japanese Kitchen Knives provide sharp edge and great cutting performance. Damascus-style blade is forged from multi-layers of incredibly dense VG-10“super steel” to provide precise control while maintaining a razor-sharp edge. The handsome dimpled pattern (“tsuchime” in Japanese) helps the blade glide easily through food without sticking. Tsuchime pattern is hammered, then heat-tempered, making each blade unique. Ebony wood handles are triple-riveted to guarantee optimal balance and control.

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