Damascus Knife Sets

  • 4-Piece Set Includes:

    1.  8-inch Chef Knife

    2.  7-inch Santoku Knife

    3.  8-inch Carving Knife

    4.  5-inch Utility Knife

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The 4-piece chef's knife set includes four key pieces of cutlery that no kitchen should be without. It starts with the 8-in. Chef's knife and 7-in. Santoku knife, the do-it-all knife that you'll use any time you cook. The set also includes 8-in carving knife and 5-in. Utility knife to handle all your medium-sized kitchen tasks.

Proprietary Composite Blade Technology:

  • Precision forged blade with an ultra-premium Japanese VG-10 ‘super steel’ cutting core at 60+ Rockwell hardness for unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention.
  • Multi-layers of high-carbon stainless steel cladding provides exceptional strength, durability and stain resistance.

A slicing knife has a similarly long and narrow blade, but rather than tapering to a point, it has an even width all along its depth, with a rounded, bullnose tip. Its long, straight edge allows you to make even slices in the very largest roasts, like a prime rib or a boneless leg of lamb. I also use my slicing knife to slice very delicate things, like soft terrines or foie gras. Its length offers the capacity for tons of horizontal motion, which minimizes the need for downward pressure as you slice. Virtually every modern slicing knife will have a Granton edge, featuring shallow divots in the face of the blade, which keeps slices of meat from adhering to the knife.  The nomenclature for slicing and carving knives is not completely agreed upon, so you might occasionally see these labels swapped around.

High-Quality Blade Thanks to a professional grade, no-stain, high carbon 420 steel blade, this 12" slicing knife serves as the perfect all-around kitchen utensil. Hand-honed edges are designed for maximum cutting performance that produce sharp, unparalleled cuts each time.

Love using this knife to make thin slices. Essential for slicing up a whole 18lb packer bisket. Goes through meat easily after a quick sharpening.

A carving knife has a long, narrow blade that tapers to a sharp point. It's used mainly for carving poultry or bone-in roasts, like a leg of lamb or a ham. If you're really adept with your chef's knife, you might not need a separate carving knife—I went for many years without owning one, but now that I have a little extra space in the knife drawer, it makes for a welcome addition. I find it useful mainly because its thinner blade and extra length make it easier to maneuver around bones and cartilage. Carving the Thanksgiving turkey with a good carving knife is a joy.

The Criteria and Testing To test the carving knives, I carved whole turkeys and chickens, as well as bone-in lamb legs, into serving slices. For the slicing knives, I carved bone-in prime rib from the bone, then sliced it into serving slices. I also sliced lobes of foie gras into medallions.  The sharpness and thinness of the blade are the most important qualities in either type of knife. For the cleanest appearance when serving, your goal is to make long, thin slices with as few strokes as possible. A blade that's too dull or too fat along the spine can make it difficult to move the knife through the meat without sawing. Flexibility is also important—a little give allows you to follow the contour of a turkey carcass or the curve of a prime rib bone. Comfort in the hand is another key quality. Does your hand feel natural when gripping the handle? Does the blade feel balanced with minimal work? Does the handle give you good control over the blade tip?

Having a great carving knife in your hand not only ensures you have an easy time slicing the Thanksgiving turkey, but it can also be used year round to carve roasts, pates and so much more. The line between carving knives and slicing knives blurred long since, but traditionally, a carving knife has a pointed tip while a slicing knife has a rounded tip.  In this article we take a look at the two different styles and see why both work just as well when carving or slicing meat. We also review some of the best carving knives around to help you choose the right carving knife for your next Thanksgiving dinner!

What is a Slicing Knife? What is the purpose of a slicing knife? Slicing Vegetables Slicing Bread Filleting Brisket Slicing Do I really need a Slicing Knife? Great Control Long Blade Thin Blade Slicing Knives Versus Carving Knives Length Blade Edge Blade Tip Sliced Result What to Look For When Buying a Slicing Knife Best Slicing Knife Reviews Mercer Culinary Renaissance Granton Edge Slicing Knife Wüsthof Brisket Slicer, Hollow Edge Tuo B&W Cutlery Slicing Knife Victorinox Cutlery Wavy Edge Slicing Knife Comparison of The Best Slicing Knives Carve Like a Pro: Cool Slicing Tips You Need to Know From Heel to Tip Glide the Knife Reduce the Pressure on the Blade Let Your Roast Rest Use a Carving Fork Use Toothpicks to Fix Your Poultry Don’t Slice Everything at Once The Final Verdict 

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