Damascus Bread Knife

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  • 8 Inches Serrated Bread Knife
  • Weight (item only): approx. 207g
  • Length of Blade: 20.5cm
  • Materials: VG-10 Damascus Steel
  • Triple Riveted Ebony Handle

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Category: VG-10 Steel


Serrated Bread Knife

Long and narrow in shape, with a razor sharp edge designed for maximum cutting performance.The serrated bread knife can effortlessly tackle hard items like squash and pineapple and still be delicate enough quickly slice through soft foods like bread and tomatoes.



Height 32.5 mm
Net weight 207 g


Length of knife 34.5 cm
Length of blade 20.5 cm
Handle material Ebony 
Type of edge Wavy edge  
Ergonomic handle – a combination of Santoprene for comfort and polypropylene for durability
Was going to buy an expensive santoku when I just stumble across this knife. I though, what the heck, so many people loved this knife I am going to give it a shot. The old saw of "you get what you pay for" doesn't apply in this case. Sharp from the get go and with an occaisional touch up on a very fine whetstone it maintains a shaving edge. If this is the bottom of the Mercer line I can't imagine what the other knives are like. I know the handles get fancier but not sure about the actual blades. I love what I have an join the hundreds of reviewers who liked this knife.

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