March 08, 2019

Dull Knives are More Dangerous in the Kitchen, WHY?

We all of had accidents while using knives. It is better to have a sharp knife. It will make using the knife so much easier, and will also be less likely to cause any accidents. A dull knife is very dangerous to use, and will make the job a lot harder to do. So make sure your knives are always sharp.

Dull Knives are Dangerous

A dull knife doesn’t serve the purpose for which it was intended. You want a knife that will cut through something; a dull knife doesn’t do that. It doesn’t slice through the cutting material cleanly and easily.

With a dull knife, you must exert a lot of force to get it to cut. Whether your are carving stakes for a figure four deadfall or you are processing an animal that you’ve harvested, a dull knife doesn’t do it’s job efficiently.

So most people use extra force. They try to manhandle the cutting rather than letting the tool do the work. As a result the knife can slip or twist uncontrollably. The next thing you know, you’ve cut yourself.

Cuts and other injuries are certainly something you want to avoid in the best of times and even more so during a survival or grid-down situation. Cuts can lead to loss of ability, to a loss of mobility, or to infection. All of which hamper your ability to survive.

Furthermore, cuts are usually more traumatic with a dull knife. The blade rips rather than slices through the skin. This makes it more difficult for the body to heal. Ever cut yourself with a razor blade? Those cuts heal more quickly than a similar cut with a dull knife.

Are You Still Cutting With A Dull Knife?

If so. It's time to learn how to properly sharpen a knife or use a water stone or you need to buy a quality sharp knife.

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