February 22, 2019

Best Affordable Damascus Knife Available In Zürich Switzerland


A sharp blade will easily slice the paper, a dull blade will not.

Food test – The ultimate edge will grab onto the skin of a tomato or onion. If the blade slides off the edge (or pressure is required), it’s dull.

Damascus steel was originally a term to describe a type of steel manufactured in India and Persia for swords. The swords had a unique pattern and were revered for it's beauty and good performance in battle. This type of steel and the exact technique used to manufacture it was lost to history. Today there are many damascus inspired steels made by alternating different steels and then using acids to reveal the patterns. Damascus steel is often used as cladding on the blades for aesthetics but there are some makers that make knives with full Damascus steel. Here is our full selection available on the site.

Damascus Steel Santoku Knife Available In Zürich Switzerland

7 Inchs Santoku Knife Damascus Steel Best Affordable Kitchen Knives

This 7 inches Santoku is made from the popular stainless steel known as VG-10. The name stands for V Gold 10, or sometimes V-Kin-10 (kin means "gold" in Japanese). VG-10 is probably the most popular stainless alloy used in the making of Japanese kitchen knives.


Map of Switzerland

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