February 01, 2019

If there’s one kitchen tool the home cook should invest in, it’s a quality chef’s knife. Take care of the blade and it’ll be there for a lifetime of meals.

Chef's knife Multi-purpose knife, usually from 16cm to 24cm in length, although you can get much bigger knives that are still described as chef's knives. 20cm is the default length for most cooks, but T3 tends to favour shorter, more nimble, 16-18cm  blades.

For everyday tasks in the kitchen, all you really need is a chef’s knife (also called a cook’s knife or gyuto in Japanese), an all-purpose blade that is typically eight inches in length (not counting the handle). Use this to cut meat, chop vegetables, slice fish, and mince herbs. Basically, it can do anything except chop through thick bones (you’ll want a cleaver for that) or cut through anything that would bend the blade like a big block of hard cheese. Your second knife should compliment the chef’s knife and do things it can’t. If you do a lot of butchering, opt for a cleaver; get a paring knife if working with small fruits and vegetables; a serrated bread knife if you bake a lot.

TURWHO VG-10 Steel  Blades to Consider

The Best Chef's Knives Recommended for Home chef

The blade is made from  Japanese VG-10 stainless steel  with an ideal cutting angle, and the handle is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable during use. The handle material is very durable, so this knife will last for many years.

This should be hand washed and dried immediately.

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