February 08, 2019

和 Series Pro Kitchen Knives 

Warranty Warranty is another crucial factor that many people do not consider when they are purchasing a set of knives. So, what’s the ideal warranty for knives? Always look for knives that come with at least a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.  How We Selected We were able to come up with ten best knife sets that are available under $100 after hours of extensive research. Some of the factors we considered while selecting the best set of knives includes:  Sharp blade Good balance between the blade and the handle Full Tang Knife design Materials used to make the knives Knife Handle Warranty All the knives were tested and proved to deliver the best performance in the kitchen. Now that you already know which the best knife set under 100 dollars is, it’s your time to shop. But you can’t just purchase a product without further consideration. There are a few facts you need to know before shopping for a knife set. I will tell you about that right now.  The first thing you should know is your purpose. I mean why you need the set. Is it only for kitchen tasks or you want to use them for other purposes. Not every set can do all the tasks. Some are specialized in the kitchen field. You should know that. The next thing you need to know is the construction quality. I mean the set you are going to purchase whether it is perfectly constructed with quality materials or not? Determine that first. A cheaply made set will never serve you better. Thirdly, you should know what is in the set and how much. It is important. Some set offers other tools apart from the knife like scissors, block, etc. if you need some other tools, you should go for a set that has all of these.

Things to Consider for Buying a Knife Set

As I already shared some of the best, so, don’t have to waste much time reading the buying consideration. I will be brief in here. But one thing I need to point out is that all our products are complete and meets all the requirement of an ideal knife set. Let’s see what to consider:

Materials(The most important !)
Well, before you decide to buy a knife set, it is crucial to understand that there are different types of knives. Knives are categorized depending on the material used to design their blades. You can either get knives that can be used for general tasks or those that are only used for specific purposes.

Such materials include but are not limited to high-carbon stainless alloys, carbon steel, ceramic, and stainless steel. All these materials have their exciting and disappointing points. Let’s highlight some of them.

Carbon Steel Blades
What’s good?

Simple to sharpen and hold
With longer edge than stainless
What’s bad?

Prone to rusting

Stainless Steel
Ceramic Blades
What’s good?

Excellent for stain
Resists corrosion
What’s bad?

May become dull quicker and can be slightly harder to sharpen.

Signature Stainless Steel Alloys (TURWHO's Knives Choose To Use Japanese AUS-10V )
These knives are often found in Japanese blades. They combine the best of stainless and carbon, but on the downside, they can be quite expensive.

Ceramic Material
Ceramic knives come with a razor-sharp edge. However, they may chip and break with ease.

Construction Technology
Modern knives are either forged or stamped. Forged knives will tend to be expensive, and they are less flexible as compared to stamped knives. A stamped set of knives provide you with excellent performance. They are also available at cost-friendly prices than forged knives.

Any welds or joints will be a sure weak spot, prone to breaking or bending. Single-piece design with either a full tang or three-quarter will provide overall durability and the most exceptional integrity.

Knife Handle
The handles can be made from a vast range of materials such as wood, plastic, composite and steel handles. Most people prefer knives with a wooden handle. They are comfortable to hold but require some maintenance as compared to other materials.

Stainless steel and composites provide the best qualities regarding strength and durability. Wood may become rot and soft. Handles made of bones may dry out after some time, becoming brittle.

How to Test a Knife?

In choosing a chef’s knife for your use in your food truck kitchen if possible, try using a few knives to:

Mince parsley
Dice an onion
Slice winter squash
Cut carrots into thin strips
Carve a melon

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