February 03, 2019

How to Select Quality Kitchen Knives?

Not all kitchen knives are equal – often a fashionable brand can be found selling poor quality knives at a high price, while it is possible to find a better quality set for cheaper with a lesser known brand.
Knife brands will differ in their design, aesthetics, weight, steel, sharpness and edge retention. It is important to note that different knifemakers can produce vastly different quality knives using the same ingredient steel. The virtuosity of the blade is truly up to the knifemaker. Chef's Armoury have carefully selected the best knifemakers to suit different budgets.  If you would like advice on which kitchen knives to choose please feel free to contact us or drop into the Sydney or Melbourne stores.

Since kitchen knives will be an investment that is used daily for all your cooking days, selecting good quality ones that have durability, strength, good handling, and endurance is a must. In this article, you'll learn what to look for when you go shopping for quality kitchen knives.


How to choose the right kitchen knife?

Before setting out to purchase knives, consider the type of knife you will need in your kitchen. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, kitchen knives can meet a huge variety of needs, and the extent of knives needed depends on your cooking style and habits.


The Best Affordable Chef's Knife Recommendation

A good chef's knife should be sharp right outof the box. To evaluate sharpness, try slicing through asheet of paper. A really sharp knife will make a clean, swift cut. 

TURWHO Santoku Chef Knife The santoku knife will be better for straight chopping. The blade shape of the gyuto has a stronger curve and will be better for those who cut with more of a rocking action.


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