February 02, 2019

Recommendations for a Good Cooking Knife Set & Chopping Knife

A good set of sharp knives is arguably the most important part of any kitchen. ... Most knife sets feature a chef's knife, a paring knife, a utility knife, and a vegetable knife.

The Best Chef’s Knife The Best Knife Set Recommended for Home chef

Recommended Good Chopping Knife best kitchen knife you need to have one in your kitchen.

Manufacturing quality kitchen knives, especially hundreds at a time, is no simple task. It takes high-grade steel, skilled tradesmen, rigorous quality-control systems, and, ideally, your own heat-treating facilities (a very expensive proposition). Not all knifemakers are up to the task, especially a lot of newbie companies springing up like wildflowers. The kitchen knife brands in the list above—Henckels, Wusthof, Messermeister, Global, MAC, and Shun—all have proven track records and lifetime warranties. Some have been making knives for hundreds of years.

THE knife for vegetable prep. Chop, slice and dice ingredients for soups, stews and vegetable platters. Its wide blade is perfect for moving ingredients from the cutting board to the pan. 7-1/2" edge blade.


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