February 23, 2019

Pro Chef Knife Best Kitchen Knife Available In Holland

How often should knives be sharpened? 

Sharpen a chef's knife or kitchen knife How often should knives be sharpened

While having a sharp chef's knife can really change how you cook, it needs to be regularly sharpened.

When you start to cut, the knife slips on the food or twists in your hand so your cuts aren't straight. Sometimes, the knife doesn't even cut - it crushes the food instead. 

Not sharp enough. Just sharp it ! With regular maintenance (sharpening), your knife, by definition, will never be dull.  You should get your knife sharpened professionally once every six months or a year (depending on how hard you use it) OR learn how to sharpen it yourself using a grinding/whetstone.

If your chef's knife is really of poor quality, there is no point to use it again. It's time to buy a new one.

Choose a TURWHO Chef's Knife | VG-10 Damascus Steel

Combining the best features from both Western and Japanese-style blades, this versatile knife can tackle any cutting task and technique.

VG-10 CHEF KNIFE DAMASCUS Damasteel Damasteel is a series for people who are passionate about achieving the perfect cutting result. The blades look like they’ve come straight from a traditional Damascus forge. Thanks to modern technology, we can now do things relatively easily that once required extreme skill and effort. A newly developed process means that pulverised special steels varying in hardness can be combined in vacuum conditions at extreme pressure. The blade steel formed in this way has approximately 120 layers by comparison and is further processed using traditional forging techniques. The characteristic pattern results from etching as a reaction to the different original materials. Damasteel has excellent hardness and strength. The blades can be ground to an extremely sharp angle, giving them a particularly long-lasting sharpness.

Direct-to-consumer pricing in one ultra-sharp package. If you only buy one great knife in your lifetime, this should be it.

TURWHO/拓禾 Japanese Chef's Knife Santoku Knife

 Performance Cut technology for outstanding and long-lasting sharpness. • Forged bolster for better balance. • Ergonomic handles made of Cromargan®, completely hygienic.

This Santoku knife is made with Janpanese VG-10 Damascus steel, offering a great balance of sharp edge retention and durability.

AVAILABLE IN: North Holland |  South Holland |  Flevoland |  Gelderland |  North Brabant |  Overijssel |  Drenthe |  Utrecht |  Groningen |  Friesland |  Zeeland |  Limburg | Amsterdam Holland

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