February 19, 2019

Damascus Steel Gyuto / Chef Knife

The blade has enough thickness and weight ... hard to bend, strong and very sharp.
Made of the highest grade materials ... VG10 Steel cutting edge(core) is integrated into the 60+ layer Damascus steel, handle material is Micarta (is not deformed by humidity or temperature).

Damascus Steel Cutting Core

All TURWHO/拓禾 knives use Full VG10 steel blade.

Full Damascus Cutting Core

Why VG10 damascus steel knife is the best? why not full VG10 steel?

Because vg-10 damascus steel will have various advantages(Compound characteristic) by composing multiple steel in layers.

Followings are advantages obtained by overlaying steel.

1.Heat treatment(hardening and tempering) can be easily. So finished in a hard and sticky(flexibility) blade. The most important thing is the balance of hard and sticky(flexibility). If it lacks sticky(flexibility) , hard blade breaks easily.

2.Like a Japanese sword, blade will has the property of being hardly bends , hard to break.

3.Various patterns are born by the way of overlapping of multiple steels. Damascus blade is always beatiful as an art.


VG10 Damascus steel blade; VG-10 cutting edge is sandwiched between layers of different steel.
This is one of the most recommended knives.
damascus steel kitchen cutlery
Damascus Steel VG-10 (AUS-10V) - Gyuto / Chef
Gyuto is the Japanese version of classic Western chef's knife. Use it for cutting Meat, Fish and Vegetables. It is a multi-purpose knife like Santoku. Also known as Chef's knife.
About vg-10 damascus steel knife Components of vg-10 steel Best choice is vg-10 damascus steel Why VG10 damascus knife is the best? Are there no better knives than vg-10? Buy vg-10 damascus steel knives
The Damascus steel blade seamlessly merges with the stunning black design handle that is comprised of a composite of linen and synthetic resin. The handle and the blade have been connected with the help of three rivets.

If you are looking for a good knife, vg-10 damascus steel knife is the best choice!



Keep clean and dry after use.
Do not use for any frozen foods or bones.

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