Damascus Knife Sets

  • 2-Piece Set Includes:

    1.  8.2-inch Chef Knife

    2.  5-inch Utility Knife

    Key Feature:
    Multifunctional selection for meat, fruit and vegetables

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As a result of the 67 layers of Damascus steel the blade has a stunning pattern.Red sandaiwood with stainless steel bolster, rivets and end cap; enclosed full tang handle construction ensures strength, durability and balance.

Stainless Steel vs. High-Carbon Stainless Steel vs. Carbon Steel All of the knives I recommend are stainless steel or as current marketers love to declare, “high-carbon stainless steel.” Is there a difference? Not much. All steel has carbon and all stainless steels have very similar amounts of carbon that might vary only by .5 percent. There’s not a dramatic difference (as far as the carbon’s concerned) between stainless steel and high-carbon stainless steel. . .it’s more in the name.  On the other hand. . .there is a huge difference between “high-carbon stainless steel” and just plain “carbon steel.” Carbon steel lacks a healthy dose of chromium (10.5 to 30%)—which is the element that allows stainless steel to resist corrosion. Thus, carbon steel can rust pretty darn easy while stainless cannot. On the other, other hand. . .high-caliber carbon steel can take a finer/sharper edge and hold it for a longer time than most stainless steels.

SANTOKU KNIVES Two of my Best Chef Knives entries are, technically speaking, not chef knives at all. They’re Japanese-styled santoku blades (santoku means “three virtues” in Japanese). But I have included them as alternatives to the standard 8-inch chef knife for those of you who feel intimidated by a larger knife, or simply prefer using a smaller-sized blade. For the majority of kitchen tasks, you might not miss the extra inch and appreciate the smaller footprint.  I easily slice up large onions, yams, and honeydews with my santokus (although if you feast on large watermelons all summer long, you might prefer a larger knife). It’s amazing how many tasks I can get done with a “three virtues” blade—but I am cooking for a family of three. If you’re prepping meals from scratch five-nights-a-week for a family of four or more, then I would point you towards a standard 8-inch chef knife (or maybe even longer). It’s better suited for the pure volume of food. (By the way, even though santokus lack a pointy chef-knife tip, I find I never miss it.)  If you go the santoku route, please be aware to buy a 7-inch and nothing smaller. Because most models come in two sizes, and the smaller (around 5-inches) is definitely not long enough to serve as your mainstay kitchen knife.

The Meridian Elite Stealth makes my Best Chef Knives list for a couple of reasons:  1) it’s highly recommended by Chad Ward in his book An Edge in the Kitchen as being super-sharp. It comes from the factory with a highly polished edge that Ward claims is superior to any of the “big-name knife brands” and will hold it for a substantial amount of time  2) it has a partial bolster which makes it easier to sharpen (and is a nod to Japanese knives).  Messermeister has been a trailblazer in German kitchenknifedom. They were the first to produce a forged chef knife without a full bolster (yes, before Wusthof and Henckels), and. . .the first to sharpen their blades to a sassy 15-degree angle. (The old German standard being 20-22 degrees.)

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