December 14, 2019

Just want a knife that will last, does its job exceptionally well, and preferably looks nice? But after a lot of research I'm still pretty lost!

When researching or shopping for knives, you'll probably come across a lot of phrases: heat-forged, ice-hardened, full-tang. A lot of it you can safely ignore. Not that those terms are meaningless—they just don't have much effect on whether you'll find the knife comfortable or sturdy, or where it falls on the durable vs. easy-to-sharpen spectrum.  

Best Japanese Kitchen Knife8.2'' Chef Knife


  • 8.2 Inches Gyuto Knife ( Chef's Knife )
  • Weight (item only): approx. 240g
  • Length of Blade: 21cm
  • Materials: VG-10 Damascus Steel
  • Triple Riveted Ebony Handle
  • Lifetime Guarantee

There’s a reason we call the best kitchen knives “chef knives.” A good chef is a multitasker, so a good chef knife is designed to handle multiple jobs. Think of all the slicing and chopping involved in a beef stir-fry or a chicken noodle soup. You want a single tool that can handle it all. But the best chef knife can’t be defined by a single set of features.

It’s all about hand-feel: The right knife should feel almost like an extension of your forearm.

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