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There is a increase number of people developed the hobby of collecting Damascus knives. Consumers are willing to pay the price for Damascus's rarity and aesthetic.

real damascus chef knife

What's Damascus Steel?

Damascus steel, also named Persian watered steel, was made by Islamic metalsmiths with wootz steel in 8th century CE. It’s a high-carbon steel that has a superior hardness and sharp cutting edge. One of the most special characteristics of Damascus steel is the watered-silk or damask-like swirly patterns.

real damascus chef knife

Why's called Damascus Steel?

Until now , there is still not much people know why it called Damascus steel. There are two thoughts are reasonable and acceptable:
1. It was named by the town where Damascus steel was produced.
2. It was named due to the similar pattern in the steel to the damask.
Although it’s true that Damascus steel was created in Damascus at some period of time, the pattern are similar with damask fabric. There is no actual theory to persuade everyone.

real damascus chef knife

What's used for?

After Wootz steel, the raw material, was treaded to Damascus to be manufacturing knives, sword blades and armor in the Near East. In that period, once the Damascus sword was manufactured and was popular by the European market. If you knows much about the Crusade, you can imagine the scene based on the literature, feeling the combined admiration and fear engendered by these weapons. If you are a crusaders who witnessing the enemy's Damascus swords slicing through your own lesser quality swords, cutting the sword clean in half in a single swipe without ever losing its edge. The next is Damascus swords gonging into your own body.

real damascus chef knife

How's development in modern life?

Damascus steel was used for manufacturing weapon for a long history. However, when the main material Wootz Steel produced technology was lost in 18th century, Damascus steel also lost its life. Modern Damascus steel is not the same one as past. Historians try to fix out the original creating process but they failed. The wisdom of the people is boundless and the metalsmiths figure out a modern method to get the modern Damascus steel.

real damascus chef knife

The casual knife collectors or knife beginners fall in love with Damascus knives for variety of reasons, for example: it’s superior toughness, cutting edge and the surface characteristic of watered silk or damask like swirled pattern. It’s welding several different types of iron slices and steel together to form a billet and it’s similar to traditional Damascus steel. The same strength and beauty make people flock to it. If you plan to have a modern Damascus production, choosing the product prudently and sanely to be sure the pattern cannot be worn away as some irresponsible merchant sent you a knife made by surface treated steel.

real damascus chef knife

If you want to buy a Damascus knife on the internet but don't know how to distinguish the true from the false. Welcome to leave a message with the product link to me. Then I can help you verify if this online shop is selling the real Damascus knives and what quality level of the knife is.

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Dhruv Birbale
Dhruv Birbale

June 04, 2020

Please help me! Iwant to gift my brother something simple yet elegant, and as strong and long lasting as Damascus steel

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