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There are many kitchen knife types, the different knife plays a different role in the kitchen job, the right one would provide the excellent cutting accuracy, which helps you cut like a pro. The most important thing is a good chef's knife can keep the ingredients in best status, more to maintain the original flavor.

If you are a casual cook, we recommend three must-have knives for you, they are chef’s knives, bread knives, and paring knives. But if you’re an aspiring chef cooked every day, having the professional kitchen knives set is the big part of culinary success.

Must-have kitchen knives list: Chef knife/gyuto knife, Bread knife, Paring knife.

1.Chef knife/gyuto knife

Chef's knife is a classic kitchen tool that will help you cut vegetable and meat efficiently and comfortably. This must be the top choice when you are choosing your first knife.

chef knifechef knife

Length Range: From 6-12 inches
Usually, an 8-inch chef’s knife can accomplish a variety of tasks in the home kitchen. The long blade and efficient rocking motion make it extremely practical. You can use it to slice meat and vegetables, cut steak and turkey. From chopping, slicing, dicing, and micing, it does all. Even though the chef's knife ideal for most of the task in the kitchen, it is not ideal for cutting dense meat, peeling and carving fruits.


The serrated bread knife is handy for slicing bread and soft fruits and vegetables. It’s the indispensable second knife in the home kitchen. 


Bread KnifeBread Knife

Length range: 7-11 inches
The invention of the serrated bread knife is the gospel for baguette lovers. Its long, narrow blade with a serrated edge can cut a loaf of bread by break the crust without crushing the soft interior. It also comes in handy for slicing fruits and vegetables, even someone calls it ‘tomato knife’.

3.paring knife

The paring knife is a small, powerful knife for small, precise cuts of fruits and vegetables. Think of it as a mini version of the chef's knife.

paring knife

Length range: 2-4 inches
It has a beautiful, very smooth blade. Because the paring knife is very small, it is ideal for peeling, slicing and trimming smaller foods. For example, peeling apples, cutting vegetable salads, removing sweet peppers and shelled shrimps or cutting off the outer shell of strawberries.

The professional knives set supports more flexibilities and play your skill better. It makes cooking become relaxed and the cooking task becomes a free kick.

If it’s just used at home for the family cook, then the three tools above can already meet your needs. And you are cool when you’re showing your talent to your guest. When you are a professional chef or apprentice chef, you need more tools to deal with various cooking scenes.

Such as the following:

4.boning knife

boning knife

The boning knife flexible blade gives an excellent experience to you while dressing cooked and uncooked meat. And you won’t waste any tasty morsel. The narrow, sharp blade handle a better role than the chef’s knife when crossing through the sections.

5.cleaver/nakiri knife

cleaver/nakiri knifecleaver/nakiri knife

Cleaver does much help to save your labor in separating chicken thighs( or even an entire chicken) and ribs with its own weight design. What’s more, it also can be used for chopping through tough vegetables, such as pumpkins and melons, and flattening garlic bulbs or ginger. It is noteworthy that cleaver is not very good at cutting hard, thick bones or doing delicate work. If you cook a lot of bony meat there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a cleaver.


carving knife / slicing knifecarving knife / slicing knife

Length range: 8-14 inches
The carving knife is used to slicing brisket, pork loins, turkey, ham, smoked salmon and roast. It can also be used to slice fruits and vegetables. When you’re preparing a big meal, it will be the top choice to serve larges of sleek clean slices of meat. An 8-inch carving knife is good enough for the home kitchen as few people will ever slice up a 1-meter-long salmon at home. But if you’re a pro, just choose the fit size according to your working environment.

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