July 23, 2019

Turwho tool quality is part of the first echelon in the global knife quality system. We only produce first-class quality kitchen knives. According to the customers‘ feedback we received, all consumers have nice product experiences in Turwho. Once you give a chance to us, Turwho knives will be your lifelong kitchen companion.

These are the positive feedbacks from Turwho fans. The natural evaluations are really surprised us and made us so excited.

chef knife review

chef knife review

chef knife review

One lovely client even made a video to introduce our knives to everyone.

The customer's true evaluation and laudation for the product make our team feel the recognition of customers from all over the world, that makes us touched! In order to let more customers who are still hesitating to choose our products see more real evaluations, we are willing to collect real video feedback through sending a total of 20 pieces of the free chef's knives. As long as you are willing to spend a little time, you are one of the lucky dogs who will be able to have a professional Damascus chef knife from a professional knives merchant for free.


1. Per ID account can only apply for one free chef knife. You need to take a video after receiving the knife and post the video to your Youtube or Facebook. Then share the video link to our work email or you can also send the video to our work email directly.
2. Prepare the ingredients to shoot the video by yourself according to the requirements, and give the Turwho knife a fair evaluation in the video.
3. During the filming process, you need to show Turwho brand on the knife body and your face to guarantee the authenticity of the video
4. The recipient does agree us to use the feedback video on Turwho's official page and on the Facebook page.

Specific operational procedures:

Step 1. Order a chef's knife in the designated Turwho website link and pay according to the normal process.

Click the gift link:

chef knife order
P.S. Inventory has been set to 20 pieces, the quotas are assigned on a "first come first served" basis.

Step 2. Waiting for the gift arrival.

Step 3. Filming after receiving the knife.
        ①props preparation: a mobile phone or a camera, Turwho knife, meat (frozen and soft meat) and vegetables (tomatoes or cabbages)
        ②Location: Home kitchen or workplace
        ③Shooting process
                A. Say hello to the audience (not required, but I believe you will do this)
                B. Show the whole knife include the brand clearly.
                C. Show Turwho cut meat (frozen and soft meat) and vegetables (tomatoes or cabbages)
                Estimated effect: the knife will cut the meat more labor-saving, and when the meat and vegetables are cut soft, the ingredients will not be damaged. They can be easily cut off , and the juice of the ingredients will not flow because of extrusion.
                D. At the end of the video, talk about the evaluation of the knife truthfully
        ④Video duration: There is no specific limit on the shooting duration. Just follow the shooting requirements to complete the 4 necessary requirements. Our team did a test to remove the time of buying the ingredients, and the entire shooting took about 10 minutes. 

Step 4. After the video is taken, please post the video to Youtube or Facebook and send the link to our email address. You can also send the video to our email address directly. We will verify the video content provided by you as soon as possible. Once the video meets the standard, the refund will be sent to you by Paypal.

Contract us:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TURWHO/
E-mail address: huangkell125@gmail.com

If you have any questions about the above free trial route and step requirements (such as logistics delivery issues, video shooting issues, refund methods and time, etc.), you can raise any questions directly in the message area at the bottom of the page, or leave a message on our Facebook homepage. We will answer them for the first time.

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